October 2018

Now there is a Dog Run that all of our furry friends can participate in! 

We love our canine family members - and will do anything for them - as they will do anything for us!  Coming to you this fall is the COOL, ALL INCLUSIVE Dog Run! 

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all abilities and social levels.  With the two distances - 2 Kilometers and 5 Kilometers - we are reaching dogs that can run longer as well as those that would like a casual distance!  The Virtual Race is there to accommodate those canines that are not as social and would rather run/walk in the company of just their human companion. 

All get to participate - and all finishers will receive the finisher's swag that comes with the success of completing a race!


A full 3.1 miles for the dogs and owners that can handle this distance! 

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The 2K9 is about 1.25 miles - so a great distance for the more casual dogs!

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Virtual Run

Is your Canine Friend not so social?No problem!  The Virtual Race is for you!

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Favorite Doggie Moments!

  • oreo and the virtual race:

    Oreo was a Bordie Collie and was the best running partner!  She would run forever and was always SO excited to go!  She loved her family a lot - but was not very social with other dogs or humans.  The Virtual 5K9 & 2K9 Dog Run is done in honor of Oreo and dogs like her that are just better suited to run at home with their favorite companion!

    Sue Knutson: 9.9.17
  • sadie the naughty dog:

    Sadie was a Yellow Lab mix and was always in trouble!  She was a little spitfire and loved to run - but didn't care to stop!

    We loved Sadie so much and were devastated when she ran out of the house and was hit by a car.  The Rainbow Bridge is dedicated to our loved pets that have passed on to Doggie Heaven!

    Sue Knutson: 9.9.17

Run Around Events

The 5K9 & 2K9 is proudly brought to you by Run Around Events! 



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Giving Back!

Run Around Events is a firm believer of giving back to the community!  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Homeward Animal Shelter ~ right here in Fargo!